Why Cats Need Freedom

If you have a cat, you can talk about their character all day long. There’s no such thing as an ordinary cat; they’re all unique and have their preferences. Have you ever tried to organize your bills on the dining table at night only to find your cat on top of the pile of papers in the morning, instead of on their bed or the sofa? If you have, you know what to watch out for when dealing with quirky fur babies. No matter how much you want to protect your cat from the dangers outside, you still need to provide them with freedom. Find out why below.

Cats are independent

If there’s one thing all cat owners can agree on, it’s that they’re independent. They roam around, and—if you’re lucky—find a spot to do their business outside. They don’t always like litter boxes, and the smell of other cats can deter them. It might be better to let them roam the garden freely, and you’ll even save money on cat litter and time on changing their boxes.

They feel the need to protect their territory

You might want to keep your cat away from danger, but what if they don’t want to miss out on the action? Imagine your moggie standing by the window and another cat by the door taunting them. The fury is justified, and you need to consider that cats are territorial. They want to go out there and pick a fight with the intruder. Surprisingly or not, this will make them feel bigger and better about themselves. You don’t want to provoke their frustration, so you might allow them to take action.

Cats love to explore

Cats want to see, hear, and feel everything. They’re curious creatures. If you have a garden, it would be cruel not to let them out occasionally. Sometimes they suffer from indigestion and need grass, just like dogs. Cats are good at self-medication. If you suspect they encounter various weird species out there, you’ll also need to make sure they’re protected, and their vaccinations are up to date.

They want to bring you gifts

One of the unpleasant sides of cat ownership is that your favorite animal will occasionally bring you some gifts. From birds to rodents, you can find all sorts when you wake up and head downstairs for a coffee. However, you’ll need to understand and appreciate the gesture. For cats, chasing things is a good sport and is their entertainment. Don’t deny them this little pleasure and satisfaction.

Cats are pretty good at taking care of themselves

Cats are pretty streetwise, and that’s one of the most fascinating things about them. You might worry they’ll venture onto the main road and get hit, but if you take it slow and watch them, chances are they’ll hardly leave the garden and front yard. They have much better hearing than us, not to mention their whiskers picking up vibrations. Keeping them indoors does more harm than good.

They need exercise

Unless you want a overweight, diabetic cat, you’re likely going to need to let them exercise. If you live in an apartment, you can get them a leash and take them for a walk. Maine Coons are the best for this role due to their size and dog-like personality. They want to climb things, and it’s better if they sharpen their claws on a fence or a tree rather than on your furniture.

They don’t like sharing space

If you have multiple cats, they can get on each other’s nerves. Not to mention having a dog in the house. Your cat will tease the dog until it reacts. It might be a good idea to get a cat flap that also works for a dog, so either pet can get out of the situation and you don’t have to break up fights every day.

Having a cat is a new experience every time. Their personalities make us laugh out loud or calm us down after a hard day at work. They’ll find the spot that hurts and curl up right next to you when you’re feeling down. Let them explore freely and make the most of their nine lives.