Top reasons to urgently get yourself a cat


Pets are not only close companions to humans but also bring numerous joys and positive benefits to our lives. Cats, as pets, are no exception. Let us explore the compelling reasons why one should consider having cats as part of their household.

1. Cats help eradicate pests

Undoubtedly, when you keep a cat indoors, it becomes a reliable ally in eliminating bothersome pests that you may not feel comfortable handling yourself, such as mice, insects, termites, and even lizards. Your home will swiftly become rid of these unwanted intruders, as cats instinctively take on the role of skilled hunters.

2. Cats teach children about love

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, many parents find it challenging to spend ample time with their children. Therefore, having cats can be a wonderful idea, especially in households with multiple kids. These small, fluffy feline companions provide essential emotional support and contribute to a child’s development. Engaging with cats helps children learn the values of love and sharing with those around them. Additionally, various cat behaviors significantly impact the cognitive development of young children. For example, cats commonly offer the trophies of their hunting triumphs, or express gratitude through their unique meows, which facilitate the development of important social skills.

3. Cat care is manageable

Unlike dogs, parrots, hedgehogs, and other pets, cats are relatively easy to care for. Their small size means lower expenses on food and they exhibit remarkable intelligence compared to many other pets. Cats are often self-sufficient in feeding themselves, and they have an innate ability to recognize and avoid potential dangers, thereby minimizing the likelihood of accidents during play. Moreover, you need not worry about grooming their appearance, as cats are proficient at maintaining their own hygiene.

4. Cats do not require regular walks

One of the reasons why some individuals shy away from having pets is the perceived commitment of regular walks. In this regard, cats offer an ideal solution. They are inherently lazy when it comes to physical activity, making them non-demanding in terms of outdoor strolls. Unlike hyperactive animals like dogs, birds, squirrels, or mice, cats tend to be rather passive, which ensures your tranquility as they amuse themselves without causing disruptions. Throughout most of the day, cats are accustomed to sleeping, which can be surprising to some.

5. Cats are generally quiet

For introverts who cherish peaceful spaces, having cats is a logical choice. Cats rarely make excessive noise, and they have a soft, padded paw structure that allows them to move silently. Consequently, even if your baby is playfully active around them all day, the cat will not make noise to disrupt your environment. Furthermore, cats are quite selective with their vocalizations, only meowing when necessary, and often their calls convey specific messages. Therefore, except for special occasions, cats will not make incessant noise.

6. Cats help improve sleep quality

This may sound peculiar, but it is a scientifically proven phenomenon! The soothing purring of your cat can lull you into sleep. Cats help promote better sleep quality, as their calls have a low frequency that aids in relaxation. When cats purr, they also regulate their own anxiety and stress levels, which can have a similar effect on humans. Thus, your cat’s purrs may facilitate better sleep for you. Additionally, simply observing your cat’s peaceful slumber can induce a calming effect on you.

7. Cats have a relatively long lifespan

For pet owners who have experienced the heartache of losing their beloved companions too soon, having a cat can provide a more extended and cherished companionship. Cats, compared to many other domestic animals (excluding turtles), have a relatively long lifespan. They can live up to 12-15 years, providing ample time for both your baby and the cat to grow and deepen their bond.

8. Ultimately, because you love cats

Above all these reasons, the primary motivation for having cats as pets is simply the love and adoration you hold for them. Love is a precious emotion, and cats teach us this valuable lesson better than anyone else. Raising a cat requires little effort, but the rewards they offer are immeasurable.

Cats are adorable, and if you have a fondness for them, there is no need to question why you should have cats. Love your cat and care for it, because you cherish the bond you share with this remarkable companion.”