Shopping for wedding dresses is intriguing, but the attempt to choose a style can be exhausting… Since we are experts in wedding dresses, we know the perfect style dress – A-line wedding dresses!

We have selected some of the most stunning A-line wedding dresses from top designers to provide you with some ideas for your wedding dress. But first, let’s find out more about the A-line wedding dress.

An A-line wedding dress is one where the bodice is fitted at the waist and then gradually flares out from the waistline, forming an “A” shape. The A-line design is slightly more fitted than a ball gown style wedding dress. A-line wedding dresses are flattering for any body shape.


Based in Australia, Madi Lane is renowned for crafting bridal gowns that blend vintage styles with a hint of modern sex appeal for the contemporary bride. What sets her designs apart is not only their timeless elegance but also their affordability.

Each of her sophisticated yet alluring bridal gowns tells a true love story down to the last detail. Madi Lane’s A-line wedding dresses are truly a thing of beauty. Each gown is adorned with a floral emblem that serves as her signature creation. In essence, if your story is one of love and romance, a Madi Lane gown could be the bridal dress of your dreams!


Since 1986, Moonlight has been the epitome of breathtaking A-line wedding dresses crafted from delicate lace and impeccable embroidery. Each gown is meticulously handmade with the most luxurious fabrics for a perfect fit. Moreover, their specialty lies in hand-sewn Swarovski crystal embellishments.

With their ability to custom design the gown of your dreams, Moonlight stands out as one of the most renowned bridal dress designers in the wedding industry. Therefore, be sure to explore their Moonlight Couture collection for some of the most elegant wedding dresses you’ve ever laid eyes on!


After being featured in both Vogue and Elle, Berta Balilti is regarded as one of the top designers of wedding dresses for the modern bride. Her avant-garde style pushes boundaries with its sexy and bold flair, crafted from retro styles and vintage materials.

Her A-line wedding dresses are truly works of art. The refined details of her Muse collection are perfect for the bride who desires a unique and truly fashionable wedding gown. So, be sure to check out her website as well as popular bridal boutiques and trunk shows around the world to view her complete collection.


The latest collection by Galia Lahav is nothing short of extraordinary! With layered skirts and intricate cascading trains, you’ll make the most grand entrances in one of these unique A-line wedding dresses!

Each gown is designed to tell a tale of love and intrigue with handcrafted 3D embellishments and stunning necklines. The lace corsets and voluminous skirts will flatter every figure and exude an air of grace and confidence like never before. The Gala collection is perfect for an enchanting outdoor wedding! From Boho chic to princess bride, there’s something for everyone!


The Eva Lendel Bride embodies modernity, staying abreast of the latest fashion trends while delighting in experimentation and possessing the ability to forge original and inventive paths. With charm, mystery, sensuality, and romance as defining attributes, she epitomizes the essence of an Eva Lendel bride. Her quest for the ideal dress encompasses a desire for a perfect fusion of contemporary intricacies with personal preferences and aspirations.

Driven by a desire for individuality and uniqueness, the Eva Lendel bride seeks a gown that mirrors her distinct personality and style. With an eye for innovation and a penchant for elegance, she navigates the world of bridal fashion in search of a dress that seamlessly intertwines modernity with timeless allure, capturing the essence of her romantic spirit and sophisticated tastes.


From their inaugural bridal gown collection premiered to rave reviews in 3005, Enzoani has crafted some of the most alluring A-line wedding dresses to ever grace the aisle. Tailored for the fashion-forward bride, this collection exudes sex appeal and style.

Led by award-winning head designer Kang Chun Lin, their team works tirelessly to design next-generation wedding gowns using the highest quality materials for a flawless fit. Most importantly, each dress is custom-designed and hand-beaded. From vintage-inspired gowns to contemporary bridal dresses, there is something for every bride in this timeless collection!


Having embarked on her design journey at the tender age of 19, Liz Martinez’s innovative bridal gowns exude a romantic vibe that is both chic and airy. With sheer illusion lace bodices and ethereal layered lace skirts that seem to stretch endlessly, each dress embodies feminine beauty and the art of seduction.

Employing daring cuts and unconventional fabrics and materials, Liz Martinez’s A-line dresses exude an understated air of refinement and grace. Drawing inspiration from nature and urban multicultural aesthetics, she crafts unique gowns with impeccably fitted corsets and flowing, long skirts adorned with delicate floral patterns.


Are you searching for a gown with unique floral patterns? Look no further than the Pronovias Collection, featuring dresses adorned with intricately textured bead details and luxurious trains boasting elaborate floral designs. Their A-line wedding dresses are simply stunning, featuring delicate lace flowers that cascade over a snug corset and a flared skirt.

From vintage to contemporary, this line offers something for every bride, regardless of shape and size! The soft, clean lines and lace details make these dresses stand out above the rest. Whether you desire a minimalist design or something more elaborate, you’ll find the gown of your dreams from your youth!

WEDDING DRESSES Monique Lhuillier

As one of the most revered designers worldwide, Monique Lhuillier is renowned for crafting bridal gowns that exude both refinement and femininity. Her bridal collection showcases dresses with timeless elegance. Featuring breathtaking crushed tulle skirts and intricate lace bodices that fit flawlessly, her dresses offer a sense of drama and poetry.

Each gown is individually designed with precise details. Moreover, she manages to infuse modern embellishments into vintage-style dresses for a truly unique look. Surely, she turns the most anticipated day of your life into a singular and unforgettable moment.

Regardless of the model you choose, it’s important to ensure that not only will you have a superb wedding, but also that your marriage will be lasting. The fabulous celebration will remain in your memory, and it’s crucial for it to be the starting point of a perfect marriage.