Indoor Activities for Pets During the Cold Season



As the days grow shorter and temperatures drop, fitting in daily walks and other outdoor activities with your furry friend can become challenging. Fortunately, there are a variety of indoor activities that will keep your pet active and entertained during the cold season.

1. **Hide and Seek**

Hide a treat or a toy (or even yourselves!) and let your pet find it. To start, your pet will need to know the commands “stay” and “release.” Place some treats or a toy on the ground and command your pet to stay. Then give the release command and tell them to find the treats or toy. Praise them each time they find one. Once they have got the hang of it, progress to hiding treats or toys in increasingly difficult places.

2. **Training Time**

Whether you want to work on basic commands or elevate your game with some impressive tricks, training your pet teaches control, provides stimulation, and promotes bonding. Try an app like Puppr (available on iOS and Android), which features step-by-step instructions with photos and videos, a built-in clicker, and progress tracking. It also has push notifications to remind you when it’s training time.

3. **Provide Your Pet with an Interactive Puzzle**

Toys that dispense food provide mental stimulation and exercise for your pet, as well as alleviate boredom. Some require your pet to roll them to release treats, while others are more complex and require problem-solving. A treat maze, Bob-A-Lot, or a flip board are all excellent options.

4. **Set Up a Mini-Agility Course**

Arrange boxes, kitchen chairs, and other household items to create an obstacle course in your living room or basement. Then spend some time each day teaching your pet to navigate the course. Once they have mastered it, change the course up so they can try a new one!

5. **Play Games**

You only need one or two inexpensive items to play some simple games with your pet. Grab a ball for fetch, bring out a tug-of-war toy, or burn some calories with a flirt pole. All are fun games that will keep your pet active and mentally stimulated!

6. **Try Doga**

This activity, developed in 2003, combines yoga and dogs! While you perform typical yoga poses, your dog can benefit from stretching and pet massage during a Doga session. If you’re interested in trying it out, look for classes in your area or check out instructional videos or books.

With these indoor activities, you and your pet can stay active and entertained throughout the cold season, ensuring that neither of you succumbs to cabin fever!