How to use Facebook Live to grow your YouTube channel’s brand

Facebook recently rolled out a feature that’s actually a very exciting opportunity for YouTube vloggers. With Facebook Live, you can create a live streaming video that’s broadcasted to your Facebook page audience as you film.

Sometimes, things like this can be a bit daunting for some of us – after all, editing is a vlogger’s best friend, right? However, Facebook Live is an incredible tool, and it can help you engage with your YouTube channel’s audience, increase your exposure, and grow your vlogging channel’s brand without taking up a ton of time or energy.

So how can you use Facebook Live for your YouTube channel? Check out a few of our favorite ways to make Facebook’s live streaming feature work for you.

Host a Question and Answer Stream

Before, when you wanted to do a YouTube Q&A video, you had to promote it starting several days or weeks in advance so that you could give your viewers time to come up with questions that they wanted you to answer for them. While you’ll still need to let your YouTube channel’s audience know when you’ll be hosting your Q&A, with Facebook Live, it can be a lot more dynamic.

Basically, you’ll promote the Facebook live stream by letting your audience know when to log in and watch, and then during the stream you can answer questions that they ask in the page comments section. It’s as easy as that! And you won’t have to sift through all the questions you get before the Facebook live stream or leave anyone out who just found out about the Q&A the day of the stream.

This format also allows people to ask questions based on the flow of the live video and the questions that others are asking, so things will be much easier than a traditional YouTube Q&A video, too.

Create Live Vlogs for Your Audience

Of course, Q&A videos aren’t the only type of content that you can broadcast. You can also use Facebook Live to create real-time vlogs that are related to your channel but won’t show up with any of your content on YouTube. This way, your Facebook audience will get exclusive content that’s only available to them, which will provide incentive to stay up to date with your Facebook page, and will keep them coming back for more content. This is a great way to get more of your YouTube channel’s viewers to follow you on Facebook.

So what kind of content can you broadcast live? How about a live unboxing of a new product that you’re going to review on your YouTube channel? You could even do a live beauty vlog, or stream from a popular tourist destination featured in your travel vlogs. The possibilities are endless, and live videos give you a lot of opportunities to answer questions and interact with your audience while you’re filming, too.

Collaborate With Other Vloggers on Facebook Live

Collaboration is always a great way to grow your YouTube channel and bring more value to your audience, and it’s a particularly great idea for Facebook Live. How much fun would it be to sit down with another vlogger in your niche and film a live Q&A video where the two of you give your perspectives and answer questions for your viewers?

You could do any number of types of live videos together, and cross promote them on your Facebook pages (just as you would with your YouTube channels), so you’ll both get more exposure than you would on your own.

Take Viewers Behind the Scenes

Finally, one of our favorite things to do with Facebook Live is a behind-the-scenes tour video. Your viewers want to know how you make the magic happen. They want to see how you prepare and create content for your YouTube channel.

A behind-the-scenes Facebook live stream can help your audience get to know you, which is a big part of building a relationship and interest with your YouTube channel’s viewership. One idea for this might include live streaming before you start filming your next YouTube vlog.

You can take your viewers through the items you’ll be using, which products you’ll be reviewing, and/or other topics and products that you’ll be discussing in your vlog. It’s a great teaser that can help build buzz before your YouTube content is uploaded, and it’s live and interactive, so it’s a lot of fun for your audience.

These are just four of the many ways that we believe vloggers can use Facebook Live to interact with their YouTube channel’s audience. Be creative, as there’s a ton of different things you can do with the platform. Try your hand at live streaming content today and see how much fun you can have getting to know your audience and giving them a real-time peek into your world.