How to grow your vlog channel’s reach with email marketing

When most people think of email marketing, they think of companies selling products or services that create newsletters and discount programs through email subscriptions. However, you can use email marketing for a lot more than that. In fact, as you gain followers for your vlogging channel on YouTube, you can gain more engagement and grow your brand through email marketing.

What is Email Marketing?

So what exactly are we talking about when we refer to email marketing? What is it? Email marketing is a version of direct marketing in which you collect a list of email addresses and send out marketing and advertising material to the people on that list.

In the old days (and all too often still today), companies and individuals would purchase lists of email addresses and send their messages out to people who had not signed up for them, were not expecting them, and – for the most part – didn’t want them. Today, though, savvy marketers, businesses, and individuals use inbound, opt-in techniques. They allow their audience to choose to subscribe to their mailing lists for more information, discounts, etc.

Benefits of Email List Building for Vloggers

So how can you use email marketing and email list building for your YouTube channel? When you can get your viewers to subscribe to your email list, you have a direct line to their inboxes. This means that you don’t have to rely on your viewers remembering to check for your latest YouTube vlog every Wednesday (or whenever you schedule your video uploads).

You also don’t have to rely on them seeing your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Google+ posts about your vlogs, either. Instead, they’ll have a reminder (and a direct link) waiting for them in their mailbox that their favorite vlogger just posted new material.

How to Get Email Subscribers From Your Channel

So how can you get your viewers to subscribe to your mailing list? First of all, make sure that your email marketing campaign isn’t just a notification about your latest vlog uploads on YouTube. If you want people to subscribe to your mailing list, you need to give them something they want.

In the case of vloggers, you could have them sign up for your regular newsletter to receive exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, more in-depth discussion of past vlog topics, and cool links to related discussions for more engagement. By creating quality content in your email messages, you’re going to not only gain more subscribers, but you’ll retain more of them and have fewer “unsubscribes”, as well.

So, how do you actually get people to sign up? During the outro of your video, mention that you have a cool new mailing list that features exclusive information, outtakes, etc. Then direct your viewers to click the link below in the video description to visit a subscription page.

Include your subscription links on your YouTube channel’s profile, your blog, and on your social media pages, as well. Give your viewers every chance possible to sign up and get notifications and cool insights from you.

How to Maintain an Engaged Email List

Once you’ve gotten your viewers to subscribe, you need to keep them entertained and engaged. The best way to do this is by making sure that your content is relevant and on topic. You can include links to your latest content, but you should also include something that your viewers wouldn’t get if they didn’t subscribe to your mailing list.

You don’t have to include a whole lot of text or a ton of images or videos. However, you do want to give them something that will make subscribing worthwhile to them. For example, you could include relevant tips and techniques, tutorials that you don’t publish anywhere else, and sneak peeks at upcoming videos.

If you keep your email messages short and fun, writing them won’t seem like a chore, and you’ll be more likely to keep up with your list over the coming weeks and months. Your viewers are also a lot more likely to read a short email that isn’t packed with tons of text.