How to create a YouTube channel and build subscribers

YouTube is the second largest search engine. With 5 billion video views being watched each day this is one of those marketing channels you wish you started using sooner. The average mobile user spends 40 minutes watching YouTube videos showing a high level of engagement. How to video searches keep climbing up making tutorials one of the most popular types of videos you can create.

While it can be hard to stand out on the platform, only 15% of American small businesses market their brand on the platform. You can give your brand a competitive advantage by marketing on YouTube. This can be done by creating how to videos, vlogs, interviews, webinars, screencast videos or product reviews. You can choose to monetize your channel with ads, links to your products or both. Product links can be added in the video description to drive potential customers to your online store.

Tips to create a YouTube channel

Most successful YouTubers grew in popularity because they created content with other YouTube influencers. When you’re starting out, creating videos with other YouTuber influencers can help you grow your subscribers quickly. You’ll likely need to partner with people at the same level as you. If you have one million subscribers, you’ll want to partner with other YouTubers who have a million subscribers.

Focus on creating valuable content that educates and entertains.You can add a link to your products, of course, but your content shouldn’t be a video sales pitch. If you’re selling makeup products, you could create makeup tutorials. If you sell hair extensions, you’ll likely create hair tutorials.

When starting out, some choose to post a new video every single day. You’re competing with other channels who’ve been around for years. Building up a collection of high-quality videos will give you a better chance of being found on a saturated platform. As your channel grows, you can decrease from daily videos to weekly videos to ensure that the quality stays high. However, keep in mind that running your online store should be the focus so if you can only post once a week in the beginning that’s fine too. The goal should be on consistency such as posting every Wednesday. You should publish videos consistently without affecting the video quality.

Keep your videos short. On average, the most popular YouTube videos are around 4 minutes and 20 seconds. According to Mini Matters, videos around one to two minutes in length can hold 75% of viewers compared to a five minute video which only holds 60%.

Tell your viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel in every video. By getting people to subscribe to your channel, they’ll be notified every time you create a new video. This allows you to build your audience, remarket to former viewers and eventually sell more products.

Learn from other YouTube influencers. What do the most successful YouTubers have in common? Do they share a video length? Do they create videos in the same style? Does every top YouTuber’s video look a certain way? How do they communicate their ideas? What’s the difference between a channel with 10,000 subscribers and one million? You could find hints at how to succeed on YouTube by watching other’s videos.

Market your YouTube channel. Adding a YouTube link to your store isn’t gonna cut it. There are millions of videos on YouTube making it hard to stand out on the platform if you don’t do your own marketing. If your videos provide value, eventually the audience you share it with will share it with their own followers. But you need to take the first step in your video’s promotion.

Optimize your YouTube content. YouTube is owned by Google so treating your channel the way you’d treat your store’s SEO strategy is a pretty safe bet. Add keywords to your video title. Write a unique video description. Tag your videos. Follow trends. Upload the video’s transcript. Link back to your online store. Use Canva to create attention grabbing YouTube thumbnails.