5 ways to get more viewers on YouTube involved

All successful YouTube vloggers have one thing in common, they’re all highly connected to and involved with their viewers. The most successful and most famous vloggers know that their fame and success depends on their viewers’ respect and engagement.

If you show your viewers that you care and you get really involved with them in your vlogs, in the comments, and on social media, you’ll notice a major difference in the popularity of your YouTube channel.

So how can you get the kind of engagement that you’re looking for to get more fans and more repeat viewers? Check out these 5 simple tips to get more viewers on YouTube involved with your vlog channel.

Start Creating YouTube Q&A Vlogs

First, you can show your viewers that you care about them and get them involved in the creation of your content by making a YouTube Q&A video. Advertise that you’re going to make this video beforehand on YouTube and on social media.

When you make your call to action at the end of your vlogs leading up to making your Q&A video, you can say something like And don’t forget, I’ll be releasing a special edition Q&A video with answers to all of your questions! Leave your questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer all of them in the video!

Then, on your social media pages, post reminders and ask your followers to comment with their questions. If you give your audience a little bit of time to think of questions and post them, you’ll have everything you need to create a fun and personalized video that represents direct interaction between you and your viewers.

Get YouTube Video Ideas From Your Viewers

You can also ask your viewers what they’d like to see from you in future videos. You can take polls on Facebook, ask users to tweet their suggestions with a specific hashtag and ask them to leave their ideas in the comments on your social media pages or on your YouTube channel.

You can even make your call to action at the end of your videos a call for topic requests and suggestions. For example, you could say Have an idea for a future video topic? Let me know in the comments, and you could be watching it in a week or two! Then be sure to read your comments on all of your online presences and check those hashtags. You don’t want to get a great suggestion and then miss it because you didn’t follow up.

Chat with Your Audience by Hosting Twitter Q&A’s

Hosting a Twitter chat is a lot like making a Q&A YouTube video, but it’s actually done in real-time. Instead of asking questions ahead of time and waiting for you to compile them into a video, your viewers can ask you questions for your Twitter Q&A at a specific time on a chosen date with the help of a designated hashtag.

You can structure this kind of Twitter chat as a strict Q&A, but you can also make it more freeform, too. For instance, you can ask your viewers some questions, as well, and they can ask for each other’s input, too.

Create a Community Page on Google+ For Your Channel

If you want to continue discussion over a longer period of time, you can create a space for community conversation by creating a Google+ community page for your YouTube channel. It’s a strategy to get more YouTube viewers involved with your vlog channel that isn’t discussed much because of less users being on Google+ than other social networks, although it can be as simple to organize as Facebook groups.

Community pages can be focused on almost any subject or industry, so you’ll have no trouble creating one for people to discuss topics that are relevant to your vlogs.

To create a community, just go to the Communities page and click the blue Create community button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Then you’ll be guided through a few easy steps, including whether or not you want your community to be restricted or public and what you want to name it, and you’ll be all set.

Once you’ve created your community page, you can promote it in your YouTube vlogs, on your channel, and on other social media pages, too. Invite your viewers to take part in a great conversation that they can enter or leave whenever they want.

Get More Viewers Involved By Ending with Questions

Finally, feel free to ask your YouTube viewers questions at the ends of your vlogs. For example, let’s say you’re a beauty vlogger. You could ask viewers what they thought of your tutorial, tips, or your methods. Ask them which products they prefer and why. Encourage them to share their own experiences with different tips and techniques. The more you encourage your viewers to participate, the more engagement you’ll get, and the more YouTube viewers will be involved with your vlog channel.