5 Tricks to Always Look Great in Photos


If you consider yourself as someone who isn’t photogenic, know that there are a few tricks that will completely change your photos! Here’s what you need to do to always look great in pictures.

We often have the sensation that some people always look good in photos no matter what they do or how they’re captured. The reality isn’t quite like that. In fact, people who look good in photos employ tricks to highlight their advantages and hide certain flaws or imperfections.

Can you do it too? Of course, there are a few tricks that work for anyone. Apply them, practice every time you take a photo, and you’ll see that, in no time, you’ll pose just like a model.

Sometimes you can’t control the setting in which you’re captured in a photo. You can’t control the talent of the person photographing you or the quality of the image itself. However, there are 5 things to be more mindful of to ensure that you’re photographed in your best version!

1. Lighting
Legend has it that Sophia Loren traveled with her own personal team of lights. She knows that nothing ruins a beautiful face more than poor lighting, especially as you age. Dim lighting doesn’t favor you, and harsh overhead lighting creates totally unflattering shadows. Find the gentlest light, coming from the front or the side, before taking the next photos. Also, don’t be afraid of the flash. It can save you from those unflattering shadows we mentioned. It helps to hide the unpleasant shadows under your eyes and (bonus!) will make your hair look very shiny and fabulous.

2. Makeup
Choose a little shine for the makeup you use for a photo shoot. For example, a light-colored lipstick, pink or coral, that suits you will bring light to your face. Don’t use very dark colors, don’t overdo the makeup, especially if it’s not your style. Make sure not to forget a little highlighter though. As I said, lighting is everything for a superb photograph.

3. Eyebrows
Both in everyday life and in photos or videos, eyebrows frame the face. They give you expressiveness and can greatly benefit you if they are well plucked and contoured. Make sure to use a pencil that matches your hair color and brush them with a brush. You’ll see that, even with minimal makeup, your eyebrows will do all the work for a very neat and consistent look.

4. Chin
Find your good angle by using the way you hold your chin. Be very aware when setting up the posture for the photo and keep your chin up. It helps you to get a confident look, but also thins the face, especially if you have a double chin. Another method to prevent a double chin? Try pressing your tongue against the roof of your mouth when smiling in photos.

5. Courage
Don’t be afraid to make faces, to be a bit playful and playful. Photos are fun, you don’t have to stand straight and serious like for an ID photo. Practice at home all kinds of facial expressions in the mirror, take selfies, and you’ll see that sometimes, slightly squinted eyes, slightly wrinkled nose, or a smile a bit to one side bring a special charm compared to a completely rigid face. Dare to be a bit different and you’ll discover what suits you best.

Now that you’ve learned the secrets of the most photogenic people, you don’t have to be afraid to take pictures anymore. Your photos will get better and better as you practice these ideas and try to find the most advantageous poses and positions. Happy posing!