5 tips to get YouTube channel sponsorships with a great proposal

As a vlogger, you can earn money on YouTube and monetize your videos with sponsorships. The best way to get a YouTube sponsorship from a brand you want to promote is to submit a sponsorship proposal to them. You can either email the sponsorship department at the company you’d like to partner with, or use a sponsorship platform that connects YouTubers and brands.

Introduce Your YouTube Channel’s Brand

Start by introducing yourself and your YouTube channel and by describing your brand and what you vlog about. Discuss how your brand voice and your content complements theirs and how you see this as a mutually beneficial arrangement. Make sure that the tone and style are polite and professional.

As you introduce your channel’s brand, keep your audience in mind. The brand that you’re interested in working with should know exactly who they could get exposure to when they sponsor your YouTube channel.

Highlight Your YouTube Channel’s Viewership

While you do want to emphasize the size and range of your YouTube channel’s reach, you don’t want to just make this about numbers. Describe your YouTube viewership and explain why more exposure to your viewers will be good for their company.

For this to be effective, your audience should be made up of people who would be interested in this brand and purchasing their products, so make sure that you’ve chosen a brand that fits well with your audience for the sponsorship.

Personalize Your YouTube Sponsorship Proposal

You may be submitting YouTube sponsorship proposals to more than one brand. That’s fine, but don’t send every brand copies of the same letter. The people who make decisions about sponsorships for these companies receive proposals like these every day. They’re very good at recognizing form letters, and they aren’t impressed by them.

While you may use the same basic template for each of your sponsorship proposals, be sure to personalize each one to the company you’re sending it to. Tailor your proposal to show how you and your YouTube channel’s brand can specifically help them if they choose to help you with a sponsorship, and you’ll be more likely to get more serious responses.

Really show how sponsoring your YouTube videos and/or channel can be as beneficial to them as it is to you. Talk about how many views each of your YouTube videos usually get, engagement on social media, how many of your viewers report that they’ve used the products you’ve reviewed, etc. Explain why your channel and its brand is a good fit.

Do Your Research on The Brand

Along the same lines, understand that the company you’re asking for a sponsorship from has its own needs and goals. They have sales quotas to meet, and they will usually have hard marketing budgets that they cannot exceed.

Learn as much about the company as you can before you approach them for a YouTube sponsorship so that you can make a reasonable proposal that’s in line with their budget and their goals, as well as your own.

Explain Your Sponsorship Plan to The Brand

Finally, show them that you’ve taken the time and effort to really think about how your YouTube channel can benefit their brand. Provide a detailed explanation of your sponsorship plan for your video(s) and how you can use a sponsorship from them to increase their sales and exposure while creating quality content for your viewers, as well.

When you get a positive response, be sure to hammer out all of the details and get everything confirmed. Make sure that they know what they can expect from you, and that you know what you can expect from them. Good sponsorships are always based on solid contracts.