5 tips on building a fan base for your YouTube channel

If you want to have a successful YouTube channel, what do you need? You need viewers, of course. With a strong fan base, though, you can guarantee that your YouTube videos will get views and likes, and your channel will start getting more and more subscribers. Before you know it, you’ll be ready to monetize your account and start making money from YouTube. So how can you build an engaged fan base for your YouTube channel? Just follow a few simple steps…

Consistently Upload Quality YouTube Videos

First of all, this is absolutely the most essential part of the entire process. Without quality videos, it doesn’t matter how often you post, how much you engage your audience, or how great your marketing game is. If you don’t have something that people want to see, you need to start making that change.

By the same token, you must be consistent as a YouTuber. Your viewers want quality uploads, but they also want consistency. They want to know that they can expect a YouTube video from you every Tuesday morning (or whenever you’re scheduled to upload your vlogs). It’s important to have a consistent vlogging schedule and sticking to it.

Be Unique and Give Your Channel a Personality

Along the lines of giving your audience quality YouTube videos, don’t give them the same videos they can find everywhere else on YouTube. There are quite literally billions of YouTube videos available on thousands and thousands of topics. If you search for “iPhone Review” on YouTube, you’ll get pages upon pages of results.

Does that mean you should give up entirely? Does it mean you shouldn’t do a iPhone review vlog if you have a tech channel? Not at all. It just means that you need to inject your personality and flair into your YouTube channel. Make sure that each YouTube video is branded appropriately and that you have a fun and unique vibe. Take a look at some of the YouTube channels with similar content to yours and see how you can do it differently to set yourself apart.

Collaborate With Other Vloggers in Your Industry

Collaborating with other vloggers on YouTube is a great way to help each other out. You’ll get exposure to their audience, and they’ll get exposure to yours. It’s a win-win scenario, and it’s really easy to pull off, too.

If you live near one another, you can get together for a collab video. If that’s not practical, you can exchange guest video posts the same way that guest bloggers make appearances on popular blogs. And on that note, you can also write guest blogs for each other, too. You can even just mention each other and/or give each other shout-outs in your video descriptions, YouTube comments, and social media!

Encourage Your Viewers to Share Your Videos

And there’s nothing wrong with specifically asking your viewers to like, share, and subscribe to your YouTube videos. Sometimes they just need that extra push of a call to action before they’ll do it. So, at the end of your YouTube videos say something like, “Like what you saw here today? Share this video on Facebook and Twitter and get the word out!”

Establish an Active Social Media Presence

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, don’t be shy about social media. Establish presences on all of the social media platforms where your fans and viewers hang out. Post fun content that they won’t get if they only subscribe to your channel, like bloopers, cut scenes, behind-the-scenes, and previews. And don’t forget to interact and engage with your audience here, too. It’s a great way to build a community and get more people watching your YouTube videos.

Have a Passion for Your YouTube Topics and Niche

Finally, all of this depends on you having a true passion for your video content. If you’re not vlogging about something that you really love, you might want to reconsider your channel, what you’re talking about, and how you want to brand it. Choose a niche and topics that you care about. It will show in your videos, and your fans will really feel it and appreciate it.