5 simple brand building tips for YouTube vloggers

As a vlogger on YouTube, building a brand for your channel is essential for long term success. When you think of high-performance running shoes and workout gear, you may immediately picture Nike’s swoosh symbol or Adidas signature stripes. This is an example that shows the power of branding. These companies have positioned their products in the public eye by creating recognizable, cohesive brand images and leveraging them to create brand loyalty. And you can do the same thing with your YouTube channel.

Create a Logo for Your YouTube Channel

First of all, to really make your brand work for you, you’ll need a logo that’s simple, recognizable, and relevant. Your goal here is to create an image that your audience will immediately recognize and associate with your vlogging channel and your YouTube videos.

Use your YouTube channel’s logo at the beginning and/or end of each of your vlogs. Strategically place it on your channel art, as well as on your social media pages. You can even make stickers and T-shirts that feature it for offline marketing.

Use Custom Hashtags for Your YouTube Channel

Once you have a great logo, you need to start spreading the word about your vlogging brand. You should already be using popular hashtags and hashtags relevant to your YouTube videos on social media to increase your exposure, but you can do more than that.

Create your own custom hashtags to go with the others that you’re using. We highly recommend creating one that’s just your YouTube channel’s name and encouraging your viewers to use it, too. That way, when new viewers see one of your YouTube videos on social media, they’ll see your custom hashtag and follow it to your other videos, as well.

Build a Following on Multiple Social Media Sites

While you’re hashtagging, remember that you can get the most exposure by using multiple social media sites. Make Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages for your YouTube channel. Invite friends and followers to follow you across different social media platforms.

Post valuable content regularly on all of social media pages. Follow other YouTubers and vloggers in your industry. Interact and engage with your audience. All the while, more people will be seeing your brand and becoming aware your vlogs. Which leads us to our next tip for great branding…

Establish a Relationship With Your YouTube Viewers

Your subscribers and viewers should feel appreciated because they are essential for your YouTube growth. We live in an age when fans and creators can really connect with one another. Take advantage of that! When your viewers comment or ask questions on your channel or on one of your social media networks, don’t hesitate to engage with them.

As you show that you care about your audience, they’ll show their appreciation with support for your brand. If you can establish strong relationships with your viewers, they’ll start to feel more involved with your vlogging channel. This is very important for long term success and support for your vlogs on YouTube.

Differentiate Your YouTube Channel

What sets your channel apart from others? Why should viewers watch your videos and subscribe to your YouTube channel? By answering these questions, you can help make your channel stand out. Find your specialization, your niche, and focus on it. Let your audience know why your YouTube channel is awesome and worthy of their subscription.

By giving viewers a reason to subscribe, you can get more subscribers. It’s that simple, and having original, quality content will definitely help! By making YouTube vlogs that are enjoyed by viewers, you’ll have no problem branding your channel and bringing in more views and subscriptions!