4 social apps for YouTubers to stay connected with viewers

As you know, success on YouTube is all about audience engagement. Thanks to social media, if you want to be successful, you need to be accessible, and that means you need to be really connected to your YouTube vlog audience. These popular social apps are great for enhancing your connection and building a bond between you and your YouTube viewers.


More and more people are using Snapchat as a fun, instantaneous, and immediate social network. On Snapchat, users can share images/short videos and set a time-limit before they expire.

When viewers see a picture on Snapchat before it is deleted forever, they feel like they’re in on a secret and they’ve seen something exclusive.

By setting up a Snapchat account for your YouTube channel, you can share exclusive content from your next video for a limited time and get your fans excited and involved with your vlogging channel.


Have you noticed that the most popular posts you make to Facebook almost invariably feature pictures or video? Instagram is a social network entirely devoted to images and short videos. It’s growing quickly, and you can use it to show behind-the-scenes pictures, short bloopers, and promotional videos, too.

Instagram’s snapshot allows you to take pictures with your phone, and post them immediately for your followers to see. You can post larger versions of your vlogs’ thumbnail images, behind-the-scenes updates, top YouTube comments, pictures from upcoming videos, and anything else that your audience will find fun and entertaining. Sharing in-the-moment pictures on Instagram can really help you draw your audience in and build a connection with them.

Tumblr App

Tumblr is one of the world’s most popular micro-blogging sites. It’s geared toward brief insights, gifs, memes, and sharing other Tumblr users’ posts. The site is fun enough, on its own, and makes a great platform for blog posts that are a bit too short for your regular blog but too long for a Facebook or Twitter post.

With the Tumblr app, you can keep up with your followers and your posts on your phone, tablet, and other mobile devices. Wherever you are, you can write a Tumblr post, share a video, like someone’s funny gif, and much more. You can also see when others share your posts and interact with other users while you’re on the go, too.


The Periscope app is really immediate. In fact, it turns your smart phone into a means to live broadcast yourself. Periscope gives you the opportunity to create your own television channel (online) in which you can broadcast live “shows” and updates about your vlogs, your YouTube channel, and other relevant news.

The cool thing is, because it’s live, your viewers will be able to watch you as you make your Periscope videos. This gives them the ability to communicate directly with you, as you’re live. A lot of vloggers on YouTube use this social app to interact in real time with their viewers and fans.