10 places to learn JavaScript online

When you are ready to dive into the world of web development and have mastered HTML and basic computer science topics, it’s time to learn JavaScript (JS). This computer programming language is used mostly to create and enhance the interactive aspects of websites.

There are plenty of free and paid options to learn JS online. All the free sites cost you is a little time, dedication, and willingness to learn. The paid sites are suitable for current or future professionals who want a more thorough structured introduction to the language. Whether the paid sites are worth the price depends entirely on your expectations and whether you are seeking a certification in JavaScript, which is a valuable addition to your resume.


If you’ve taught yourself to code, chances are you’ve already been on Codecademy. The platform has various tracks, including a JavaScript track. Codecademy is a great place for newbies to get started learning how to code.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a free book that’s available online, written by Marijn Haverbeke. It’s broken down into three parts, language, browser and node. While the book is completely free online, you can also purchase a paperback copy.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a massive player in the online learning space. It offers tons of learning material for people of all ages. Everything is free, so there’s no need to worry about any upsells at the end.

JavaScript for Cats

JavaScript for Cats is a free online book that is broken down into many sections. It comes with cat pics and all. It boasts that it’s so easy your human companion could do it, too.

Code School

Code School is predominantly a paid platform, but it also offers some free courses. “JavaScript Road Trip Part I” is one of them. Learn more about Code School and its JavaScript paths.

JavaScript Garden

JavaScript Garden is appropriate for developers who are a bit more advanced with coding and people who have already learned the JavaScript basics. It talks about common mistakes people make while writing JS and other quirks of the language.

Mozilla Developer Network

If you’re at the beginning of the learning curve and pretty new at development, Mozilla offers a beginner’s JavaScript course to teach you the basics. Subsequent lessons increase in complexity from Beginner to Intermediate and Advanced tutorials.


Udacity offers self-paced courses that are always available so that you can take a course whenever you want and study at your own pace. Although the classes are free, the site’s Nanodegree certification and tutoring program are costly, running approximately $200 per month.

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial is an ePub or PDF downloadable tutorial that covers a vast series of JavaScript topics that include fundamentals, code quality, data types, advanced work with functions, objects, classes, inheritance and error handling. The tutorials range from rank beginner level to advanced concepts such as OOP. Price for the download is $18.


CIW’s JavaScript Specialist course prepares individuals for the CIW JavaScript Specialist certification. Previous familiarity with using the internet, developing web pages, and configuring networks, along with knowledge of HTML code development, are necessary skills going into this intermediate course. The program costs $150.