10 Facebook groups every SEO should join

There was a time when the majority of SEOs and marketers hung out at professional forums. Those were the spots where people shared their secrets, asked questions and got answers. Nowadays those once crowded places seem deserted. There are still some up and running forums like Warrior Forum or Black Hat World. But the main activity now takes place outside those communities.

I guess we all know who we should blame for that! Facebook has conquered the web and triggered the great migration of professionals from forums to Facebook groups. Today, Facebook is the most important social network for 65% of marketers according to Social Media Examiner 2017 report.

Our regular readers remember that we already mentioned FB groups in one of our previous articles as one of the best ways to learn SEO. Quite a few people reached out to us, suggesting much more cool Facebook groups we were missing. So we decided to dig a bit deeper into this area.

A decent number of group members is not a significant criterion, however. What matters more is their activity and the content value. We avoided crowded groups that contained mostly offers of guest-posting services or spammy messages. We also reached out to each group owner on our list to get the most accurate and insider info about their communities.

Note that most of the SEO groups we recommend in this article are closed ones. To join them you have to send a request to the admin. Some groups also require you to answer a few SEO-related questions and give your word not to spam. After the group admin approves your request, you can see the group content and leave comments. Well, here’s the list!

NICHE HACKS (42 512 members, Owner – Stuart Walker)

This group is not all about SEO, but more about general internet and affiliate marketing stuff. However, we decided to include it into our list since it has a very active community of marketers.

The group owner, Stuart Walker, has initially created the group to support the customers of his project Niche Hacks. But facing not much interaction, he decided to allow anyone interested in digital and affiliate marketing to join. Though the group stays closed, there are over 40 000 members today and a lot of activity.

The group is moderated heavily, and no spammy links, site selling or self-promotion are allowed here. There are lots of questions about niche and affiliate marketing, as well as other types of marketing and SEO. Most user questions get timely and well-balanced answers.

As the group admin, Stuart often shares helpful articles about the Internet and social media marketing with the group members. He also runs AMA sessions from time to time. The latest one involved Mark Webster & Gael Breton from Authority Hacker.

Local Client Takeover (20 217 members, Owner – Mark Luckenbaugh)

This group appeared as a counter to numerous existing groups that were used by their owners as simple extensions of their email lists. Instead of posting sales pitches, links to the latest blog posts and news from their own website, the group admins aimed to bring benefit to users in the first place.

Due to the wit of the LCT group, it has a lot of loyal and constantly active members who participate in discussions and other events. One can get free video lessons on SEO and occasionally take part in AMA threads there. They also host the largest internet marketing contest (as far as prize value goes).

The LCT group owes its fast traffic growth to the free training course shared with the group members. It counts 50 videos about various topics including SEO, PPC and more. The group owners also call people and their involvement the main advantage of the group because of the diversity of skills and experiences that they can share with others. Now group members include users who are looking to get side income from SEO and marketing as well as high-paid marketers.

SEO GENERATION (25 420 members, Owner – Jerry Okorie)

The group was created to support the community of SEOs and marketers in their efforts to improve their skills and knowledge about these disciplines. The group now counts over 25K followers and is regularly updated with user’s questions, helpful articles and resources.

Moderators closely watch out for the content that is posted to the group. So you won’t spot any spammy messages, link-selling offers, and other trashy stuff there. The group owners also don’t run any contests or giveaways at the moment. Their primary goal is providing the SEO Generation group members with excellent support and useful info about any SEO- and marketing-related stuff. So they are trying to keep the group clean from any ads or promo materials.

White Hat SEO (20 233 members, Owner – Nikolay Stoyanov)

The group was created about two years ago by Nikolay Stoyanov. By his own claim, he spent hours looking for a group on Facebook that would help users solve their SEO issues. Failing to find one that met his expectations, Nikolay created his White Hat SEO group where users can discuss ethical SEO strategies that fall within Google’s guidelines.

Today a group counts over 20 000 members with almost 11 000 of them being extremely active. The group admins, Nikolay Stoyanov and Gareth Daine, constantly try new formats to keep the community’s interest, educational videos, daily SEO tips, case studies, polls and AMA sessions (in a form of videos and Facebook threads).

Digital Marketing Questions (12 018 members, Owner – Ryan Stewart)

This group was created by Ryan Stewart to engage readers and share the content from his website Webris. Although his first intent was getting authority from industry leaders, his group started growing, and this spring hit the number of over 10 000 members. Digital Marketing Questions group is heavily moderated and you won’t find any spammy posts or comments there.

Today Ryan is up to more ambitious projects. The group now runs itself due to the fantastic community of like-minded people. The users regularly participate in discussions and help each other with various SEO issues. One of the best things about this SEO group is that it is not about a brand or an individual. It is a place where members share their experience about SEO, PPC, digital marketing and other professional niches.

Superstar SEO (10 551 members, Owner – Chris Walker)

Like many other SEO groups here, Chris Walker created Superstar SEO group for his branding purposes. But as the number of questions from his customers and other people in the SEO community was growing, Chris decided to welcome people who wished to get help to the group.

The secret of the group success is the activity of the owner and creation of a friendly environment where everyone can find help regardless of their experience. Chris has also created a free-membership training area with over 30 videos (theory and case studies) for all-level SEOs. Regular Q&A sessions are supported with videos that include answers to the most popular questions. Users can also get discounts on Chris’ services. Right now he runs a contest with a $1 000-worth SEO-service pack.

SEO Tips, Tricks & Tools (9 576 members, Owner – Christine Maisel)

The group was created by Christine Maisel as a support for her students she’s been teaching SEO. Later she opened it to everyone interested in learning SEO and marketing and trying to improve their skills. The group community includes people with various levels of SEO knowledge, from affiliate marketers and bloggers to local business owners and SEO agencies.

There is a lot of activity going on in this group. The owner shares various SEO tips (both beginner and advanced level) 3–4 times a week as well as cool video tutorials for more specific issues. She also shares tools and resources she finds useful to complete various SEO tasks. Sometimes, Christine shares exclusive checklists or runs giveaways of access to some premium SEO tools.

SEO Signals Lab (9 104 members, Owner – Steven Kang)

Steven Kang, the owner of SEO Signals Lab, believes that SEO is a not a rock-solid discipline that one can learn from some textbook. His group SEO Signals Lab helps users achieve success in this niche offering them the latest data-driven info from reliable resources. Steven has developed a signals framework that allowed him to run multiple successful SEO campaigns. Now he shares his experience and information collected via data-driven SEO with the community for free.

Members of the group regularly share their data to help others find the right framework for their SEO activity. The group owners are also reaching out to the industry leaders for their insights and knowledge. They’re currently working on the value-added resources section for easy access.

One of the main goals of the group is creating a friendly communicating environment where everyone can learn something from others. Steven names open dialog one of the best means for learning and growing.

SEO Jungle (6 240 members, Owner – Gabriel Machuret)

SEO Jungle group was created to provide SEO professionals, entrepreneurs and everyone who uses SEO as the core part of their strategy with the freshest tips and solutions in this marketing niche. Gabriel Machuret, the group owner, believes that SEO is more than just links and it is strongly based on human behavior. That’s why he created a group that is aimed at people who wish to grow and empower.

SEO Jungle group has grown to over 5 000 members in only 3 months, making it one of the fastest growing SEO communities on Facebook. It offers its members daily FB live sessions, useful tips, and resources. Its content is mainly focused on business, sales, growth, and the means of positions of SEO services.

SEO Cheat Guides (8 000 members, Owner – Stuart Trier)

By the claim of Stuart Trier, the SEO Cheat Guides founder, the group was born out of his wish to share and discuss the tips and experience he achieved during his work as an independent SEO professional. The training is an endless process for every professional who wants to grow and leverage the skills they have. Thus, this group is aimed at all SEO’s and digital marketers to help them provide high-class services to their clients.

The group is regularly updated with videos, interviews, and links to helpful articles, giveaways of worksheets, mappings, and templates that should ease the working routine for SEO professionals and internet marketers. You will also find success stories from the group members there. Stuart spends a lot of time answering calls and private messages to help people accelerate their growth.